Throw Back Thursday – The Wizard of Oz (1994)

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This weeks TBT is a great way to start Pride Month as we go “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” with our 1994 production of The Wizard of Oz. The costumes were bright, colorful and our costumer (goddess), Barb Shepley, had her hands full!


Each show has it’s own challenge with costumes. One of the biggest was the Tinman for Wizard of Oz.

My son, Scot, had just finished college and had taken on the director position. His brother, Eric, was cast as the Tinman.

We did a bit of research for the costume and found one to rent. But after we picked it up
decided it looked too much like a space suit. It was a silver metallic padded thing. So Eric decided he’d “make” his own suit.

Our neighbor did furnace work and had odds and ends of furnace pipes, so Eric went to work on his suit cutting and riveting all the pieces together. Because it was tin he was able to make it rattle when he shook. With a silver jumpsuit, funnel head piece, silver gloves and boots and even a silver axe he looked pretty impressive.

When Mount Vernon High School did the show a few years later I had one request for casting. That whomever got the role of Tinman had to fit into the Tinman suit I had because we weren’t going to make another one!

The suit showed up a few more time through the years at various events but has since been retired.


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