Throw Back Thursday – The Foreigner (2008)

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This week’s TBT is The Foreigner. A fun and funny farce from the 1980s, that happens to have relevance today. The serious undercurrent that anchors this enduring hit is a reminder that, in some quarters, not much has changed in the racist heart of America.


Awww yes, The Foreigner. My first full length directorial debut.

I had directed a hand full of short plays at Theatre Cedar Rapids prior to this and a one-act in high school, but beyond that everything I had contributed to the theater was on the stage as an actor. 

The great thing about this show was that the script was rock solid, the cast was spectacular, and I had great support from from my off stage folks such as my AD/SM, Kelly Rhone, set designer, Bob Driggs, and a young dramaturg, Grant Freeman, so even if I really screwed it up as the director the show would still be watchable.

Needless to say I not was not super confident in my directorial debut.

I remember a few nights up at Chameleon’s talking to Moran, one of the actors in the show and friend, asking him if he thought the show was any good. He assured me that the show was solid and that I was doing just fine. 

As the weeks went past and I was able to get more comfortable with the cast and the cast was able to tolerate me, I really started to see the show coming together, and not just “a show”, but a really great show.

As we got closer and closer to opening and we started to incorporate the set and props I was getting excited to share this thing that all these wonderful people had contributed to and I had directed.

Dare I say I was not only happy with what we were about put out there, but I was confident of the choices that had been made by the cast, the crew, and myself. 

In the end, The Foreigner was and still is one of my proudest moments as a director– or contributor to theatre for that matter.

I would like to give a huge thank you both to Amy White and my wife, Braden for there overwhelming trust and support on the project that was The Foreigner. Also thanks to all the folks that came out to see the show!

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