Throw Back Thursday – The Adventures of Rose Red (2013)

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Here at MVLCT we are ready for some sunshine! Our 2013 production The Adventures of Rose Red certainly brought a lot of brightness to our audiences…along with lots of hi-jinx! From fairy tale princesses coming to life to cuddly spiders, a big bad wolf and a Prince Charming (or 2)—Rose Red was a delight.

From Stephanie Buonadonna (Mrs. Blush)

I showed up at auditions for Red Rose strictly as my 15 year old daughter, Autumn’s ride, and got talked into auditioning. (Yay, peer pressure!) I was cast as the not-wicked step mother opposite the late great Paul Freese as my husband and my daughter, Autumn, as the lead, Rose Red.

The role was really unique, because I had an evil cackle, but I was actually really nice. My favorite memory from the show was greeting all the children in the lobby. They were all super excited to meet the vibrant and inviting characters, except for me, who they side-eyed and slipped past.

Rose Red was my first time on the MVLCT stage, and I was completely welcomed and included as part of the family right from day one, as was my daughter.

I cherish this experience, and look forward to many more with MVLCT.

From Amy White (Snow White)

Children’s shows are always fun for grownups to do!

The Adventures of Rose Red was full of our favorite fairy tale characters and we felt like celebrities when we visited the elementary school in costume to promote the show. We even made buttons for “Team Snow White” and “Team Cinderella”!

From Braden JP Rood (Miss Muffet)

There were so many great things about being in Rose Red.

I LOVED my super-fun costume and I got to be in a show with my husband and two of my besties.

I loved going to the schools and performing parts of the show for them. It was so fun to see their little faces and meeting them after the show to sign autographs.

Children’s audiences are the best!

The Adventures of Rose Red (Snow White’s Less-Famous Sister) (2013)

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