Throw Back Thursday – The Hundred Dresses (2019)

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This month we are looking at some of our more colorful shows! The vibrancy of these productions—whether visually or otherwise brings us back to when we were together and gives us hope for when we can be again!

This week’s TBT was not that long ago! The Hundred Dresses was our most recent children’s show, but really it was a show for all. The 100 portraits of dresses were all colored by the cast and crew. It was truly a collaborative effort. Also, as a side note, it is set in a school—which MANY of us are wishing was still going on.

PLEASE STAY SAFE AND HEALTHY!! We will keep you posted on what is going on with MVLCT as the year progresses. We want to be back, but we also want all in our community to be safe. It will happen.

As always, if you have a memory you would like to share from a past production, please email us at or direct message us on Facebook.

From Braden JP Rood – Director

I was not planning on directing The Hundred Dresses. I was the back up if we couldn’t find a director. Quickly, it was apparent that “Plan B” was in effect! I had never directed a full-length show. I had directed a few short plays as well as some scenes in college, so needless to say, I was a bit intimidated. Add 13 teens and tweens and I felt like I was going into the lion’s den!

Well, these feelings were all for naught. I had an AMAZING cast that consisted of five talented and VERY supportive adults and then my 13 students that were divided into 2 groups: The “Big 6” and “Super 7”.

The Big 6 were the speaking roles. They bonded immediately and came to rehearsal every day ready to work.

The Super 7, on the other hand, were the non-speaking roles, and let me tell you, we couldn’t have done it without them! These seven special actors were willing to take on anything I asked–from having to QUIETLY play jacks or hopscotch, to simply smiling creepily throughout a scene—lemme tell ya, it isn’t THAT simple! They took on their roles like champs! MAYBE getting an opportunity to get a line or small side role in the process, but they filled the scenes they were in. They FILLED the play. They made it more complete. They brought it to life.

I couldn’t have done this show without my adult cast & crew members. I “let them go” so I could focus on the students. The actors were such great role models for the students. Not just as actors, but in their openness during discussions about the themes of the show—bullying, immigration, being “different”.

My production staff—Matt, Amy, Maria, Barb, Lisa, Bill, Kim and the whole MVLCT board made it all happen. They were more than willing to take my ideas and create the magic—foley tables, live music, period costumes, extreme make-up for a certain recluse, making a hundred dresses appear as well as walls disappear–all in our little theatre space.

It was a beautiful show with a much-needed message—especially in this day and age.

I am so proud of all that were involved to make it happen and I thank you from the bottom of my heart that I got the opportunity to be a part of it.

From Amy White

Students from Mt. Vernon and Cedar Rapids forged friendships, colored at least a hundred pictures of dresses, and had fun creating the dream scenes.

Besides the laughs, there were also deep discussions during rehearsals to process the serious themes of bullying, immigration and poverty.

It was Braden’s first time directing a full-length show–a success for all involved!

Photo Credits: Tristan Maynard & Matthew Williams

Photo Gallery – The Hundred Dresses (2019)

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