Throw Back Thursday – Spoon River Anthology (2007) & Resistance Radio (2017)

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This week’s Throw Back Thursday features two shows that were (or still are) being taught in our schools in the area. Ironically, they also focus or have elements of small-town living–some of it amazing, some frightening.


I was in two plays with MVLCT.

What I remember most about this time was the people, of course. The wonderful, genuine, fun-loving people–and if my family had stayed in the area, I’m sure I would’ve been working with this theatre today. 

I remember how Amy White was so thoughtful. She had a sentimental memento to hand each one of us after we did a show. I still have my spoon from Spoon River! Amy was like the glue holding us all together. She knew exactly how to help everyone work together and get the best from each other. 

During Spoon River, Mike Moran was playing the guitar during a song I was singing. He always was so professional.

I tried to be professional, but sometimes my nerves got the best of me! I was supposed to sing about 4 or 5 verses of a song, but I only got through one verse. I forgot the lyrics!

Mike kept his cool and played through the second verse, and we both acted like that was exactly how it was meant to be! 

I have never found another community theatre like this one, and I doubt I ever will. I miss it terribly.

If I ever move back to the Mount Vernon area, you can bet where I’ll be headed. 


Resistance Radio was my first show at MVLCT so it will always have a special place in my heart. 

I was a nervous wreck when I showed up for auditions but everyone was so friendly and so welcoming, I knew right away that even if I didn’t get cast in the show,  this was a place I wanted to be and these were people I wanted to be around. 

Luckily,  I did get cast!  The memory that stays with me most is how blown away I was by the level of talent I saw among the cast members. 

It was a large cast and every single person,  no matter the size of their role,  was 100 percent invested in their character and the show as a whole. 

It was such a wonderful experience for me that I haven’t missed being in a show in some way, shape or form,  since!



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