Throw Back Thursday – Saving Grace (1993)

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This week’s Throw Back Thursday looks back at a wacky comedy done in our dinner theatre days.

Back in the day, we did dinner theatres at Cornell College in the dinning area of the Commons. A musical in the summer at Armstrong Hall (pre-Kimmel) and a dinner theatre in the dining area. Ahhhh those were the days!!

In Saving Grace, I played the Grace they were saving. A wacky comedic role, and if I remember right, it involved drenching me in water at one point every performance.

Doug Mattison was my leading man and he was a gem to work with. Funny enough I bump into him every now and then and he’s still that gem.

Theatre truly makes lasting connections. My pop was also in the show and I cherish those moments especially now.

Susan Looney played my straight laced sister and if I remember right Bill Wilcox played my boss. Sandy Pape, Jane and Lee Peters rounded out the tech crew.

I look back at this play, it’s cast and crew with fond memories of lots of laughs and think about where MVLCT is now, celebrating 40 years. I’m so proud of us.

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