Throw Back Thursday – Roots (2019)

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MVLCT has had several play festivals over the years. Our most recent, Roots, was a special one that consisted of LOTS of different takes on one theme, local playwrights, new participants and a bunch of MVLCT vetrans that showed us the “behind the scenes” antics of our beloved community theatre.


I was attending a performance of Starmites, which was my first involvement with MVLCT, when I noticed they were looking for writers for their upcoming Roots play festival. Interested, I asked nervously if they still needed writers and Amy White said yes with full excitement.

I wrote for the festival (which to this day is one of my favorite pieces), and decided to sit in during the auditions to get ideas of who could play these out-there characters. Little did I know that everyone was interested in talking with me as this was my first experience with the theatre.  

Left and right I had several questions about how I was feeling about the process and if I was looking forward to the show, and then I got thrown into auditions themselves!

The audition process led me into my love for the company and the Roots play festival as a whole.

With many laughs and character building (and many many onstage shirt changes), MVLCT’s Roots play festival was my first to dip into many theatrical friendships I will always cherish and adore.


I love writing a play within the confines of a theme. 

This particular theme for our new play festival brought out a surprising variety of interpretations and gave everyone involved the chance to explore their own idea of putting down roots–literally, in some cases, or metaphorically.

I was able to explore a new way to tell a personal family story in the form of a shadow puppet play, and had the good fortune of casting two young women who were eager to learn the art as my puppeteers.

They also showed a real talent for shifting sets between plays quickly and silently–the best introduction to a life in the creative arts.  

That exemplifies the best part of Roots and what makes all of our new play festivals special–seeing the openness and enthusiasm of the people who show up for auditions with no preconceived notion of what they would end up doing, just happy to be involved and part of our community theatre family. 

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