Throw Back Thursday – Drama at Dry Gulch Creek (2011)

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Ahhhh, summer is coming to an end, but our celebration is NOT. August is full of end-of-season hoorahs, family vacations and HEAT. Our first show of the month is our 2011 production of Drama at Dry Gulch Creek written by our own, Amy White. Set in Dry Gulch Creek, a desert town in the Nevada territory–lots of antics, lots of laughter and lots of talent!


Drama at Dry Gulch Creek was my first time directing a full-length show for MVLCT. I was honored to direct my friend, Amy White’s fun play.

We had many jokesters–from Connett’s funny bits, to Paul standing outside in the freezing cold blowing smoke rings in the frosty air as we debated where rehearsal was going to be that evening, to Grant “playing” the piano that was painted on the flats of the set.

An event that sticks in my mind was after our opening night performance, I was backstage re-setting props when the whole building shook.

I came around front to see people gathering at the door between Gwen’s restaurant and the stage/dinner theatre.

That’s when I realized a car had literally driven through the front of Gwen’s. I went back to the green room to tell the actors and none of them believed me until Morganne confirmed. No need to believe the director. The 16 year old stage manager knew all!


I remember all of the great people I got to know there, and how much fun the show was.

The cast and crew was a really fun group, a mix of MVLCT regulars as well as relative newcomers, like me.

I think Dry Gulch may have been the first time I worked with Amy White, and it was definitely the first time I met Duane Larson, Grant Freeman, Chrissy Berlin, and the much-missed Paul Freese, all of whom I was lucky enough to work with again over the years. That was the only show I was in with Susie Burns, but she made an indelible impression with her sparkle and humor!

I also remember very vividly the amazing set –I think that was also the first time I met Nina Scott, with it’s gorgeous “big picture” of a slightly younger Miss Susie ;-).

There were so many cool details, including the swinging doors for Paul’s dramatic entrance, the windows for gazing out of, and the non-player piano.

I learned to “stage knit” for that show: the script called for me to knit something through one of the scenes, but I’d never knitted in my life, so Amy had to teach me.

Somewhere around here I still have the very lumpy nine-inch-long scarf that I completed during the show’s run.

Oh, and the accident! I think it was opening night when a gentleman who had parked in front of Gwen’s accidentally put his car into drive instead of reverse, and ran right through the plate glass window.

Very fortunately no one was hurt, and it was NOT the window behind the set, so the show was able to go on for the rest of the run—just a little extra “Drama” at Dry Gulch Creek.

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