Throw Back Thursday – Cooking with Gus (1991) & Shorts & Sweets (2004)

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Thanksgiving–a time for family, friends, food–& togetherness. Unfortunately, this year things are a little different. Maybe we won’t get to be together this year, but can look through the memories. This week’s TBT is full of food, fun & frenzy!

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I was two years out of college, a newly licensed hairstylist,  living in my hometown and never had really directed before. Young, naive and overconfident…the perfect combination for a first time director. Ha! Why not?!!

The smartest thing I ever did was cast the right people.

Laura Werkman had never been ON stage, but she had done plenty in the theatre (including but not limited to directing), Warren Lock had never said more than one line in a play but had the perfect sense of humor and willingness to let us do ANYTHING to him. And Lee Peters and Nannette Gunn were staples in the MVLCT family, seasoned professionals, talented and just really great people.

And that was ON stage! Barb Shepley is always consistently awesome and Sandy Pape was a life-saver. I’m sure there were others and I’m sorry to leave you out unintentionally.

This cast/crew made me look like I knew what I was doing! We had lots of laughs grew really close and put on a really good show.

Each one of these people holds a special place in my heart to this day and it’s because of them and this play that  I didn’t direct again for about 10 years.

I knew it would take another special group of people to get me to do it again and I didn’t find them until Nunsense.


Dead parrots, larks, lumberjacks and baseball.

What I remember most from Shorts and Sweets was just how much fun and laughter went into making this production.

In lieu of our usual dinner theatre, the MVLCT board decided to have its first “dessert” theatre in Lisbon’s Heritage Hall. The show’s format was a song that related to a short skit that followed.

I directed Monty Python’s “The Pet Shop” starring Aaron Keast (Michael Palin) and Bob Driggs (John Cleese) – I know, typecasting, right?

This was preceded by Darrin Gage performing the French folk song, “Alouette” (the lark). He wore a beret, a red scarf, and a cropped, black and white horizontally striped shirt that I’m sure he stole from his wife’s closet.

The other skit I directed was Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on First?” Rob Poggenklass was Abbott and Pater Hach played Costello.

My father-in-law, Tom Bostwick started them off by leading the crowd a la Harry Caray with “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”

Performing this comedy routine was much harder than it seemed. It required a rapid-fire delivery in order to be funny. I told Rob and Pete that when they could make me laugh, they would know it was fast enough.

They practiced very hard, their delivery getting faster and faster, and they nailed the performance.

Fifteen years later, I still laugh when I think of this production.



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