Throw Back Thursday – Cinderella (1991)

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This week’s TBT is MVLCT’s production of Cinderella. Produced in 1991, it was big cast full of lots of color, big personalities and magic. From an elementary school teacher in drag to a giant pumpkin carriage, MVLCT brought this well-known fairy tale to life.


Oh, the Summer of Cin. Cinderella, that is! I am smiling as I type this, recalling Jay Gunn’s (King) first use of the moniker that stuck for the season. 

Cinderella was my first and only MVLCT production, but it stands in memory as one of the best summers of my Mount Vernon years.   

I already loved singing with Christina (Queen) who was a fellow MVHS All-State Choir Alto and Matt (HRH Prince Christopher Rupert) who had been tenor in our All-State quartet the year prior. 

I did not anticipate how much I would enjoy working with the adults who were not only talented but also kind, patient, encouraging, supportive and fun-loving. It was a total blast!

 Jay, Jackie (my redheaded Fairy Godmother!), Gail, Bill, Kim and Warren were all outstanding onstage with Laura and Wendy directing and guiding the fun.  To this day I am grateful to you all! 

As much as I loved playing Cinderella, it was clear that the most fun was had by the evil stepsisters!  Who could forget Bill and Kim in those roles?! They were hilarious every day and I will never hear ‘A Lovely Night (How Lovely)!’ in any voices but theirs. 

 After the show wrapped, small children would approach me at the grocery store where I worked, wanting to meet ‘Cinderella’.

I cannot, after all these years, remember who supplied me with little magical packets of glitter to gift them, but those were precious moments and sweet memories. 

Thank you MVLCT, much love.


Creating a lasting memory,

imagination…brought to life!

Needs a strong


Elements brought together,

Roles defined!

every detail covered

leads to opening night

Lights up! Music! Action!

Applause, accentuates the final outcome.

[Cinderella, Dreams can come TRUE!]

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