Throw Back Thursday – Bagful of Fables (2012) & Noodle Doodle Box (2008)

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This week’s Throw Back Thursday, we look at a couple of our first children’s shows. Both have wonderful stories and thoughtful morals and the kids LOVED them. Full of color and wonderment these shows were a joy to perform and made us realize that children audiences are the BEST!


I think that is where I first met Braden Rood. I remember she was pregnant with Chester, and her other sons, Jasper and Atticus were so sweet about “feeding the baby chocolate”.

I remember for sure the awesome costumes–Braden and Natalie’s clown suits, and my amazing shiny red band uniform! Braden had a giant arm and tiny arm, and the mis-matched shoes (“I have another pair JUST LIKE THEM!”) were also highlights.

I had a hat-box drum that was super fun to make and “play”.

My favorite part of the show was when the box houses were being “driven” around the stage, and every time they went backstage they would come back out a different size. The kids thought it was magic.

My most vivid memory is of the performances at the school, and having lunch in between. My twins (and Jasper) were in kindergarten or 1st grade that year, and in between the morning and afternoon performances we had lunch in the cafeteria with the kids. About half of them had already seen the show, of course, and walking into the cafeteria was probably the closest I’ll ever come to being a celebrity!

Walking back across the playground towards the Middle School after lunch I felt like the Pied Piper, with scores of children following in my wake.

I was worried ahead of time that my kids’ friends would end up scared of me, because I was the “mean girl” villain in the show, but it didn’t bother them a bit.


I think one of my favorite memories was going around to all the elementary schools to perform for them!

It was super fun hanging out with the adults all day and hilarious to watch everyone play other people’s roles because some people couldn’t be there.

It was just plan fun and seeing the kids’ reactions were fantastic!

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