Throw Back Thursday – Anything Goes (1993)

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If you’re ever in a jam, here I am!

It’s friendship


Just a perfect blendship

When other friendships have been forgot,

Ours will still be HOT!

This week’s TBT is another biggie – MVLCT’s 1993 production of Anything Goes. BIG set, BIG cast, BIG heart!


“Anything Goes” was my first MVLCT show.

Being in that show opened my eyes to the beauty of community theater. It helped me find my potential as an artist and community member.

Gina, my wife, and my two boys (Julien and Adrian) had recently moved to Mount Vernon, and our neighbor, Linda Halsey, encouraged me to try out.

We had seen “Where’s Charley?”, from the prior summer, and we were so impressed with the production.

For “Anything Goes”, I had just had ACL surgery on my knee, and I was on crutches at the try-outs, so I was apprehensive. But everyone that night was so supportive, I needn’t have worried.

I read the part of Sir Evelyn Ashleigh using my best British accent, and tried to sing “Let’s Misbehave” using my best 1920’s affect.

I was really excited to get the part. The camaraderie, dedication, and talent involved in the production were amazing. I learned so much, and met so many people who became a part of our lives in Mount Vernon/Lisbon for many years.

And that’s the thing. It’s all about working together to create art. Each person brings his/her own experiences to the mix, and it’s a powerful thing.

Performing in theater also dove-tailed nicely with my line of work. As a trial lawyer, expressing oneself in front of others in an effective manner is crucial. Actually, anything one does in life is enhanced by learning to publicly, bravely, express oneself.

I consider my experiences with MVLCT to be some of my most treasured memories.

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