MVLCT Proudly Presents: Sweater Weather

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Inspired by the real-life stories of couples throughout the MVLCT Community, Sweater Weather uses the themes surrounding relationships to tell intimate stories performed by real-life couples. The show is a compilation of eleven short vignettes written by twelve Eastern Iowa Writers and friends. Despite our current situation, it’s still nice to put on a sweater and cuddle up by the fire with someone you love.

Go to our YouTube Page and subscribe today. Sweater Weather will be available at 7PM on Jan. 8, 20201.

Director: Grant Freeman

Writers: Amy White, Caitlin Staff, Theresa Gruber-Miller, Brandon Douglas, Zak Moran, Tristan Maynard, Grant Freeman, Kelly Shriver, Duane Larson, Denver Crawford, Kelly Rhone

Actors: Braden JP Rood, Jennifer Smith, Kasey Smith, Kami Zbanek-Hill, John Zbanek-Hill, Rich LeMay, Natalie Black, Karlē Jeanne Meyers, Tara Weintraub, Sam Weintraub, Olivia Stoner, Chris Stoner, Hannah Hammond, Robbie Farlow, Matthew Jackson, Ella Wrenn, Denver Crawford, Trey Tetreault, and Grant Freeman

Original Stories by: Paige Marie Greene, Ann Herrold, Jen & Richard Wright, Mary Blacharski, Andy & Elise Pokel, Jenna & Mark McKerracher, Cory & Caitlin Brannaman, Alyssa & Michael Noble, Adam & Jacqueline Hale, Eric & Nikki Kindred Halvorson, and Grant Freeman


Sweater Weather is the second in our three-part quarantine series. Our first show, Every Single Note was released in late July and celebrated our fortieth year as a Community Theatre (Still available on our YouTube page). The trilogy will be finishing up in April with Cardboard Magic.

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