Throw Back Thursday – Arsenic & Old Lace (2004)

They look so innocent, two elderly ladies offering a glass of elderberry wine. Little do these lonely gentlemen know, their sweetly offered libation is a special combination of wine…and arsenic…and strychnine…and “just a pinch” of cyanide. Watch out for the Brewster sisters– the body count is rising!


So during a rehearsal I am up on the second level and Amy and Nina are down below me and I say, “Hey, you look like ants down there!”

You see, they were my aunts! Damn, I kill myself!

Now my second memory is a bit more scarring.


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Throw Back Thursday – Is He Dead? (2014)

Mark Twain wrote a play? Yes, he did! Discovered in his papers by Shelley Fisher Fishkin and adapted in 2003 by David Ives, this lively romp was one of the most hilarious productions MVLCT produced!


Is He Dead was a hilarious show and our cast, except for me, were all so funny.

I played Marie, the only one who wasn’t in on any of the shenanigans!

Corey, Adam and Duane played wonderfully off of each other.

It was also a dream come true for me to get to wear the period costumes. Barb, of course, supplied a delicious hat for


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Throw Back Thursday – And Then There Were None (2018)

Agatha Christie–a legend. She had an astute grasp of the complexities of human behavior and in particular, our failings. So with And Then There Were None we not only relate to the characters’ poor judgment but the play also makes you wonder how far you would go to survive such a desolate and terrifying reality.


Besides the opportunity to work with a group of fun and talented people, Braden and I were tasked with making a “swinging” bear statue (provided through the efforts of Amy White) which was to crush the head  of


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Throw Back Thursday – The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 (2009)

Ahhhhh, October. The smell of fall is in the air. The ghosts and goblins come out to play and MVLCT is celebrating the SPOOOOKY! Our first TBT of October features a hilarious play full of mystery, mayhem and MURDER. With a cast full of colorful characters and a set full of sliding doors, secret passageways and eyes in the portraits watching you, this show was a must see!


This was my first show at MVLCT. 

I was very surprised to be called back to play the Death in “the walls”. Little did I know I would


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