MVLCT Proudly Presents: Sweater Weather

Inspired by the real-life stories of couples throughout the MVLCT Community, Sweater Weather uses the themes surrounding relationships to tell intimate stories performed by real-life couples. The show is a compilation of eleven short vignettes written by twelve Eastern Iowa Writers and friends. Despite our current situation, it’s still nice to put on a sweater and cuddle up by the fire with someone you love.

Go to our YouTube Page and subscribe today. Sweater Weather will be available at 7PM on Jan. 8, 20201.

Director: Grant Freeman

Writers: Amy White, Caitlin Staff, Theresa Gruber-Miller, Brandon Douglas, Zak Moran, Tristan  …

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Throw Back Thursday – These Shining Lives (2020)

As we wrap up the year that is 2020, we celebrate 40 years of theatre, passion and community. For our last TBT we look back at our last show we did live–These Shining Lives. A beautiful show that touched the hearts of so many. Who knew that would be the last live production for MVLCT and most other theatres all over the US for a long time?

Never fear, friends. Live theatre will be back and so will MVLCT! Keep an eye out for future productions and projects for 2021. If you are interested in participating, would like more  …

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Throw Back Thursday- A Dickens Christmas (1995)

MVLCT has not done a ton of holiday shows, but that doesn’t mean we do not like to celebrate! Here’s to a happy holiday season! Adios, 2020! We are going to still celebrate our 40th anniversary, cuz we didn’t get to do it proper this year, and also WHY NOT??!See you all next year and we will keep you posted on all of the fun stuff we have in store for 2021.

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Throw Back Thursday – Kiss Me, Kate (2005)

MVLCT has had lots of people come and go and it is always a joy when those who have left for far off places come back to our corner of the world. Hence our focus being our 2005 production of Kiss Me, Kate. This Shakespearean romp was filled with all sorts of people who have gone off to other pursuits. Whether in the arts or other ventures, we love to see them take off, but we certainly don’t complain when they come home.


Kiss Me, Kate was my first MVLCT show that I


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